Wednesday, 28 June 2017


There is a formidable report on the BBC website today by Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati about the secret lives of IS fighters.
The journalists found the youths dead by the Tigris river while on tour with Iraqi police special forces.

The journalists say that the dead IS fighters had started out while they were still children. 

The report is incredibly detailed, and deeply moving. The photos are harrowing - but they are copyrighted - therefore I cannot post them here.

The story took me back to Argentina in the seventies when ten high school students joined a campaign to recover the student discount on the public transportation system. The students were arrested, beaten, abused. Four survived. The others disappeared.

In the fifties, Evita Perón proclaimed, "Get them while they're young." In the seventies, Montoneros, recruited young people to carry out jobs such as delivering messages, and recruiting people for the cause. When the coup d'état came, and the generals went out to stop the terror, those kids paid with their lives.

Nearly fifty percent of Argentina's children live in poverty.

The Nazis used young people for propaganda. Drug dealers everywhere use kids to sell their product.

This is bloody awful, but it's not new. As long as IS or any other group continue brain-washing young people to further their objectives, the campaign of terror will continue.

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