Thursday, 17 August 2017


Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, said to the extremist groups rioting in Virginia: 'GO HOME'.

Venezuela, April 2017

Thank you, governor. With a weak, detached government in the White House, it was necessary for us to hear McAuliffe's words.

The wave of terror in Argentina began with a weak government, a leadership vacuum, divisiveness, anger and willfulness. 

All extremes are dangerous - What is good, and real and true will be found somewhere in the centre.

Today there was an attack in Barcelona. Thirteen people were killed, as far as we know, and hundreds were injured. 

For what?

Extremism of every kind still rules in the streets. Anywhere you go, you become a target.

If this doesn't stop, there will be carnage, just as we had during the constitutional government of Isabel Perón in the 1970s. It was the army that went out to stop the terrorists, and we ended up with 
6,348 disappeared under state terror, and 17,000 dead and injured by the terrorists.

In North America, we need to recover our centre, we need to return to being moderates before it's too late.

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