Sunday, 3 September 2017

ANTIFA -- The Rise of the Left

The radical left which calls itself Antifa for anti-fascists has resorted to violence in the wake of right-wing gatherings, marches and demonstrations. The result is ugly.

    Victims of state terror: 6,348     Victims of terror: 17,038

Who's right? Who's wrong?

The right wing groups clamour for free speech. The left-wingers want to shut them up.

What's wrong is violence. There is no thought or reflection here, no plans for change. There's only conflict and discord.

In Argentina, back in the seventies, the radical groups behaved like those today in Canada and the U.S. When the right went out to stop them, the result was the Dirty War which left more than 20,000 dead or maimed for life.

     The Argentine workers union 

Violence will not resolve anything. Antifa, and their opposites, the so-called Authoritarians, will continue to clash, and the casualties will rise.

Leadership should be the antidote but, Where is it? Democrats cannot attach themselves to the Antifa movement, and Republicans wish to be seen as more moderate than their president.

The socialist party of Buenos Aires 

Who will lead us out of this collision between left and right?

In Argentina, we could have used a centrist leadership in the seventies. Someone to balance off the push and pull of the extremists. In my day, the clash between left and right wreaked havoc on twenty-four million people, for ten years.

Haven't we learned anything? It is frustrating to see history repeat itself.

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