Friday, 6 October 2017


"We now accept that terrorism might manifest anywhere. Even far flung corners of the earth."
                                                      --  Colby Cosh, National Post

The RCMP officer, Constable Michael Chernyk, an 11 year veteran, was struck by a car, and stabbed, while he carried out traffic duties at the Edmonton Eskimos game on Saturday.

Constable Chernyk is recovering at home. But the Somali refugee who attacked him will not recover from this. 

The Somali attacker stole a U-Haul and ran over pedestrians, injuring many, until he was caught. I expect he will not be granted refugee status in Canada.

In Marseille, a man attacked two women at the train station. He yelled "Allahu Akbar"and killed them both with a knife. He was shot dead by soldiers.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

This is how we lived in Argentina in the 1970s - wondering when the store, post office, cafe or restaurant would blow. But our terrorists operated in small groups; and there were some lone wolf attacks, but the great majority of the killings were carried out by four people, or more.

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