Thursday, 30 November 2017


It took nearly half a century, but the courts finally put the bad guys in jail for the rest of their lives. 

Not that the terrorists were the good guys, but they did not deserve to be disappeared. No one deserves it. 

Had the military provided justice in the 1970s, this would not be happening today. 

The heartache and frustration of the families -- unimaginable.

Javier Gonzalez Toledo/AFP/ Getty Images
   L-R: Jorge Acosta "El Tigre", Alfredo Astiz "The Angel of Death", pilot Georges Arru.

"El Tigre" was the boss of the Navy Mechanics School torture centre, dubbed ESMA. He ordered the death of thousands of detainees. "The Angel of Death" would infiltrate suspect organizations and identify subversives. They would end up dead/disappeared. Pilot Georges Arru flew over the ocean while dissidents were pushed from the aircraft to their death. Not in the picture is "Tommy" a doctor who participated in the torture and death of ESMA detainees.

Life in prison is too good for these guys.

Two weird details though: The north American press, including the respectable NPR, and the BBC are still quoting 30,000 disappeared. The official numbers of disappeared persons stand at 6,348. 

Not a word of the sentencing in La Nación, the Argentine national paper.

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