Thursday, 2 November 2017


What if the witness of a lone wolf attack fought back? 

When the best trained troops in the world -- RCMP, NYPD -- tell us that a lone wolf is the most difficult to anticipate; when they acknowledge they cannot protect us from this type of terrorist, whether in Las Vegas, New York or London, it is time to rethink ourselves.

In the 1976 movie, "Network" a TV host, Howard Beale, launched a rant which galvanized a nation into solving its social problems, and motivated millions into refusing to accept that the nation's ills were ... um ... acceptable.

It was a Hollywood film but, the number of problems Beale mentioned were much like today's except for one: Terrorism. What stuck in my mind was the concept of rebellion. 

Do not accept things as they are -- be brave.

New York, October 31, 2017
In the wake of the recent terror attacks, I begin my rebellion by rethinking myself.

Training. Freeze at the sight of a weapon? I want to train myself to take action in the face of an attack. With proper training, courage is my venue.

Awareness. The bigger the city, the more we seek to isolate ourselves. Be watchful. Don't lose touch with those around you. Stay aware and conscious of what others are doing.

Resolve. I will not say "Oh no, please no," like the whimpering actors on TV. I will wait for police but, if I glimpse a chance, I will risk my life to secure my safety and that of others. We don't have to leave all that to the security forces, right? I have made my decision. I will not be a victim.

Be fierce. I refuse to accept that the man is deranged or mentally ill. These guys are meticulous; they plan their attacks for weeks.

"I am as mad as hell and I'm not taking this anymore."


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