Tuesday, 1 May 2018


In Kabul, April 30,  a suicide bomber on a motorbike blew himself up near the Afghanistan National Directorate of Security then, when journalists approached, a second suicide bomber finished them off in considerable numbers. Twenty-five people were killed; eight were journalists.

It brings to mind one IRA tactic.

In 1998 the IRA issued a public warning about a bomb in the courthouse in Omagh. Police immediately evacuated people down the street towards a shopping center. And that's where the car bomb detonated, killing 21 and wounding scores of others.

Journalist Haroldo Conti - undated. Taken in 1976 and disappeared.

During the years of lead in Argentina, we lost 131 journalists. Most were killed by bombs or bullets while doing their job. 

The Marxist Montoneros loved Haroldo Conti, journalist, teacher, poet. But the dictatorship did not.

The armed forces paramilitary task forces kidnapped Conti in 1976, jailed, beat and tortured him. Some influential characters, like Jorge Luis Borges begged to see him, and they did, but Conti was so badly beaten he could not respond. Finally, the dictatorship made him disappear. Conti was treated as a subversive, insurgent, criminal on account of his views and reports.

There are many ways to silence people; many ways to kill -- some old, some new. Is that evolution? I read a recent comment about terrorism evolving in Afghanistan, about terror groups thinking of new ways to kill.

 I see nothing new about silencing journalists or killing civilians. If that is considered evolution then I am totally lost in space.

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