Thursday, 19 July 2018

CORRUPTION - The abyss between SAY and DO

The system has rotted from the inside. Before we know it, it falls apart.

We've lose respect for our institutions, like the justice system, like impartial elections.

Officials lie. The brass is not trustworthy. They don't do what they say and vice versa.

Twitter is ablaze with this since Helsinki but the truth is, it began long long ago.

The rot.

Argentina's corruption was such that you had to lie cheat and steal to function within the system. 

The result was the takeover by a bunch of out-of-touch authoritarians whose edicts and pronouncements under martial law got under the skin of a bunch of bright, organized, brilliantly funded students. They rebelled.

The students called themselves Montoneros. They blew up and maimed and killed thousands until the brass went out to annihilate them.


It was called the Dirty War and it lasted ten years.

The terrorists lost 6,348
The armed forces lost 1,000 
The public lost 10,000

Corruption and terror. They love each other.

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