Friday, 10 August 2018


Colonel Argentino Del Valle Larrabure

It was 2 m by x 1.5 m dank hole beneath a store owned by a terrorist couple. This is where Colonel Argentino Larrabure was held captive under torture for one year. On August 19, 1975 having refused to yield to the terrorists’ demands, Larrabure was garotted. He had lost 40 kilos.

The terrorists wanted information and knowledge about the military explosives factory and planned to trade him for five terrorists in an army prison. A chemical engineer, Larrabure was assistant director of the military ammunitions depot in the industrial province of Cordoba …

That night, several members of the radical group ERP (Peoples’ Revolutionary Army) assembled in a motel near the explosives factory. A couple staying in the hotel noticed the unusual comings and goings and when they tried to leave, the terrorists shot at them. The couple, unharmed, alerted the police. 

The attack began with a group of terrorists raiding the arms and ammo area while others rushed into the officers’ mess and captured Larrabure.

To this day, Argentina has not acknowledged the kidnapping, torture and killing as a crime against humanity.

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