Thursday, 16 August 2018


During the years of lead in Argentina, we lost 131 journalists. Most were killed by bombs or bullets while doing their job. 

But the Marxist Montoneros loved Haroldo Conti, journalist, teacher, poet and the dictatorship did not.

A paramilitary task force kidnapped Conti in 1976, jailed, beat and tortured him. Some influential characters, like Jorge Luis Borges begged to see him, and they did, but Conti was so badly beaten he could not respond to his visitors. A tearful Borges said his friend was barely alive.

Haroldo Conti 

Finally, the dictatorship made him disappear. To this day, no one knows where his body lies.

A seventies selfie - Haroldo Conti with Fidel Castro and friends in Buenos Aires.

Conti was considered a subversive, an insurgent, a criminal on account of his Marxist views and his reports supporting the insurgency in Argentina.

It’s true that he supported the terrorist Montoneros but, What was the point in making him disappear?

Silencing the press is bad enough. Anything over that is fascism.

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