Friday, 12 October 2018


Canada is looking to repatriate eleven ISIS combatants. These are people who rejected Canadian values and killed for their beliefs.

Can we rehab them? The government thinks so, yet  the debate began with a firm rejection of the rehab concept.

"Let them rot," some exclaim. 

"Help them atone,” others insist.

What is your view?

My own is to be informed. 

I’ve studied Stewart Bell’s report on and on Twitter posted by @StewGlobal

I have also mulled over a report on in which he explains why he doesn’t buy the rehab concept -- a point of view many of us share.

La Nación cartoonist Alfredo Sabat's take on Montoneros and justice.
Montoneros were a well-funded, highly organized terrorist group
which owned mobile weapons and explosives factories.

My experience is that terrorists at home cannot be rehabilitated, cannot be brought to justice, so they are made to disappear. The Argentine military junta of 1976 jailed, tortured and ‘disappeared’ 6,342 Montonero combatants in mass graves, and via death flights in which people were tossed alive into the ocean.

The leaders of the armed forces (above) were judged in court 
and jailed for life for their atrocities.
Several ex-terrorists (below) got government posts under 

the Kirchner government. 
Their atrocities were never recognized as crimes against humanity.

“Extremes are dangerous,” someone said. “What is true and real and good lies somewhere near the centre.”

And there’s the big question: Where is the centre?

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