Monday, 15 October 2018


Tolerance, compassion, no matter have bad you have been. Is this a realistic expectation?

According to and the man called Jihadi Jack wants to come home.

Jack Letts, a British-born Canadian citizen and muslim convert left for Syria in 2014. There, he was caught by Kurdish forces and stuck in a dungeon. Today, Jack wants out. If he does, he has promised his mom to "try and be a better person". He doesn’t mind going to jail, as long as it’s here. Jack says he has been imprisoned for ten months and the situation is desperate. He has not seen a doctor since his capture. 

Canadian consular officials are helping sort him out but they make no promises other than to negotiate the conditions of his imprisonment, and try to get him medical attention. Since the British government refused to become involved, the only thing the Canadians have promised is to try and help. The bottom line is, the Canadian jihadists are being held by an insurgent group rather than a state, and that limits Canada’s ability to negotiate, officials said.

Though naive or immature, judging from the joke about his intention not to bomb people with fertilizer -- a word he cannot spell -- Jihadi Jack seems sincere. 

Will the government bring him back?

Canadians are split about the situation. The NDP feel all Canadians should get protection from their government, while the Tories are loath to threaten public safety by repatriating terrorists. For Justin Trudeau, the issue is a hot potato.

Obviously, if he brings one back, he has to repatriate them all. And some of the Canadians have wives and children.

On Twitter, the blaze has just begun. And the comments are negative. Really negative.

People think that these Canadians should face the consequences of their actions.


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