Wednesday, 31 October 2018


It is the feeling I get only seven days before the US midterms when people are slinging dirt at each other for no reason. At times, I just have to stay away from social media and MSM or I shall explode.

Día de los Muertos in Mexico. Photo BBC

This week there was an effort to discredit Mr. Integrity - Robert Mueller - and his investigation. The fanatics sound desperate. Cooler heads prevailed and the mud-slingers got nowhere.

Not the case with the Squirrell Hill synagogue shooting, though. It takes me back to the seventies when people were shot at random, for no reason, on a whim, for political effect by people so completely brainwashed by hate rhetoric they did not know right from wrong. In those days in Buenos Aires, everyone was a target.

Are the shooters, the killers mentally ill? No. They are cold-blooded killers, and they should be sentenced accordingly.

There was a shooting of two black people at a store as well. It did not get much publicity, but it happened, and it was a hate crime as well.

As for the murderous, terrorist-driven caravan coming to the US border, the troops posted there are supposed to show how great the danger has become.

Hate is the common thread here. The stuff Che Guevara wrote about in 1970, the feelings he awakened in Argentina’s youth so long ago still rankle  and burn. Without hate we cannot triumph over a brutal enemy.

Where does it end? It ends with leadership, with unity, with acceptance of each other, understanding of time and place.

Hate is not a weapon. It’s a disease. 

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