Thursday, 22 November 2018


In the season of giving thanks for the bounty. With frayed nerves and economies booming, we expect a tsunami of accusations to and from the various factions of governments. 

Within the cracks lie the terrorists being repatriated, the women and kids held in Syria, and the dire consequences that their return to the country will mean. A tiff in the BC legislature keeps us with an ear to the frozen ground, and Alberta is in a rage over the federal government’s efforts to curtail its oil income.

Raqqa, Syria 2018
The neighbours to the south - not that we have any to the north - are on the verge of a rant regarding what went on with Russia during the 2016 election, and what goes on with the Saudi prince who’s allowed, like a terrorist, to kill anyone anytime anywhere.

The airwaves sizzle.

But, what is the truth?

Posted Twitter by Kyle Matthews, Exec Dir. MIGS Institute,
Concordia University

Was the Saudi prince involved in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi? Are the Canadian terrorists coming back to comfort and nurturing and compassion?

Truth is possibly the most used word today. Between fake news, alternative realities, lies and witch hunts we are no longer sure what is what. We long for truth but cannot get it no matter how hard we try.

Terrorist Nilda Garré, former federal minister of defense, Argentina

Argentina never acknowledged the terror attacks of the 1970s as crimes against humanity. The terrorists who survived the death squads of 1976 were never brought to justice and many got jobs in the  government, press and business. I hope this will not happen in Canada.

Hope in lieu of Truth. Interesting times.

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